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“How To Make Your First $100,000
Investing In Growth Stocks That
MULTIPLY Your Investment Returns”

Generating Over A Million Dollars In Returns Over The Last 8 Years,
It Is The Proven Method To 2X, 3X or 4X Your Money

“How To Make Your First $100,000
Investing In Growth Stocks That
MULTIPLIES Your Investment Returns”

Generating Over A Million Dollars In Returns Over The Last 8 Years,
It Is The Proven Method To 2X, 3X or 4X Your Money

So how do you get 'rich' investing in the stock market?

You pick stocks that actually GROW your money...

Now think of what it's like if you knew which stocks can give you 2X, 3X or 4X in returns... 

Imagine knowing the exact price to buy them before their share prices took off...

Now imagine doing it over and over again...

You'd easily amass a fortune which will give you the freedom to do anything you want by the time you retire. 

Yes, it may sound crazy...

Unbelievable even...

And you probably feel it's too good to be true...

So let me prove to you.

Over the past 10 years, we've been using a system to consistently handpick GROWTH stocks with uncanny accuracy. 

Here Are The Results

Centurion Corp 


Using the steps listed in the Investment Quadrant, we found out that there was a huge demand for dormitory space in the coming months.

We invested in Centurion and cashed out for +234% returns. If you invested $10,000 right before it took off, your investment would have turned into $33,400!

Using the steps listed in the Investment Quadrant, we found out that there is a huge demand for dormitory space in the coming months.

We invested into Centurion and cash out for +234% in return. If you'd put $10,000 right before they took off, It'll have turned into $33,400!!!

Netflix Inc
$10,000 Into $31,000!

Netflix +210% ROI

If you know how to spot 'growth', Netflix's subscriber growth was rising above market expectations. We saw that and took a stake in the company.

If you bought Netflix at the time, you'd have turned every $10,000 into $31,000! 

If you know how to spot 'growth', Netflix's subscriber's growth was above market expectation. We saw that and took a stake in the company.

If you bought Netflix at the time, you'd have pocketed $31,000 for every $10,000 invested!

Yahoo! Inc
This DOUBLED Our Money

YAHOO! +106% ROI

Yahoo! owned a 22.6% stake in Alibaba. Investing in Yahoo! is like a 'backdoor' to the pre-IPO Alibaba. 

Using Ihe investment Quadrant formula, we found out that Yahoo! was undervalued and took a stake in mid-2012. In 2014, Alibaba went public and we 2X our money in 18 months.

Yahoo! had a 22.6% stake in Alibaba.Investing into Yahoo! is like a 'doorway' into a 'Pre-Ipo' Alibaba.

Using the investment Quadrant formula, we found out Yahoo! was undervalued and took a stake in mid 2012. In 2014, Alibaba went public and 2X our money in 18 months.

Major Cineplex
Another Hidden 2X Winner


Major Cineplex is Bangkok's largest cinema operator. Because of the political unrest in Thailand back in 2014, Major's share price dropped by close to 20%.

After calculating its intrinsic value, we knew that it was undervalued. We took a stake and in less than two years, sold it for a return on investment of +105%

Because of the political unrest in Thailand back in 2014, Major's share price dropped by close to 20%.

After calculating it's intrinsic value, we know for sure that it was undervalued. We took a stake and in less than two years, sold it for a return on investment of +105%

Super Group


Those who knew how to look 'under the hood' would have noticed Super Group's growth trend before it took off.

We took advantage of it at $1.31 and in less than two years, booked an impressive return on investment of +243.5%. For every $10,000 you invested, It'd have turned into $34,350!

Those who know how to look will discover Super's growth trend before it happen.

We took advantage of it at $1.31 and in less than two years, booked impressive return on investment of +243.5%! For every $10,000 you invest, it'll have turned into $34,350!!

Japan Foods
$10,000 Into $27,600!


We were looking through our watchlist and found Japan Foods to be undervalued after calculating its intrinsic value.

In 2010, we invested in the company and cashed out within 3 years for a return on investment of +175.92%. Pretty decent for a small F&B company in Singapore.

We were going through our watchlist and found Japan Foods to be undervalued after calculating it's intrinsic value.

In 2010, we invested in the company and cash out for a return on investment of +175.92%.



We found Hartalega through our stock filtering process. They are the world's largest producer of nitrile gloves. In 2013, the demand for nitrile gloves surged and Hartalega was positioned to capture this trend.

If you invested $10,000 in this company, it would have turned into $31,100! Not only that, we received an annual 5% dividend yield as well!

We found Hartalega through our stock filtering process. In 2013, the demand for nitrile gloves surged and Hartalega was positioned to capture this trend.

If you've invested $10,000 into this company, it would have turned into $31,100! Not only that, it comes with an annual 5% dividend yield as well.

And That's Just a Tiny Sample...

We've also cashed out on...

  • Breadtalk MASSIVE +362% ROI 
  • Apple Inc +78% ROI
  • Cocoa Land Holdings +65% ROI
  • Armstrong +47% ROI
  • Premier Marketing +74% ROI
  • ARA Asset Management +61% ROI
  • Soup Restaurant +63% ROI
  • Neo Group +80.7% ROI
  • Cross Harbour +92% ROI
  • Boustead SP +121% ROI

And still... 

This list is not exhaustive.

But you get the point...

If you can double, triple or QUADRUPLE your money for every stock you buy...

Would that be helpful for building your retirement fund?

The question is.... is there a way to get these results consistently?

More importantly, is there a way to find companies which give huge capital gains... safely?

The answer is YES.

Here's a Little Back Story On
The Investment Quadrant

For a start, we once used this formula to help turn around and transform a negative $400,000 stock portfolio into one with over $2 million in profits within just two years...

Today, we are still using this same formula to run our private investment fund and it has already generated more than 6 figures in investment profits over the last 5 years...

This formula is also the very foundation of how The Fifth Person's entire investment research process is built...

In fact...

  • You don't need any prior experience in investing
  • You don't need to be a genius in math
  • You don't need to figure out complicated charts or price patterns
  • You don't need to sit by your computer and monitor stock prices
  • You don't need to have a lot of money to get started...

As long as you follow a systematic formula, you'll start to see your portfolio balloon in value over time.

And we want to hold you by the hand and walk you through how this is done.

How To Find Stocks That Give
100 - 400% MORE In Returns
While Substantially Cutting Your Risk

How To Find Stocks That Give
100 - 400% MORE
In Returns 
While Cutting Your Risk By Half


If you want to safely make money from the stock market, you need to look for companies that are fundamentally strong and growing at speed -- not companies that have reached a point of maturity.

We show you how to do that by first eliminating all the possible 'junk' or 'risky' businesses so that your risk is minimized.

Then, we give you the blueprint to look and spot for potential growth drivers within a company. Because when a company's earnings continue to grow, its share price will almost always go up. 

We then show you how to value and buy the stock at the right valuation.

It's a term we coined as 'Value-Growth'.

Yup, stocks which are a combination of Value and Growth.

Growth which gives you the gains.

Value which provides you the safety net.

With this formula, we know, with a consistent degree of certainty, that these stocks are going to be highly profitable over the long run, easily growing your portfolio in the process.

It's powerful...

We've already shown you the companies we've cashed out on in the past...

But how about now?

Using the formula... how is our portfolio doing right now?

Our Live Portfolio 
Since Dec 2018

What we're trying to say is..

Once you know how to do it...

You can replicate the process and do it over and over again...

In short, you can literally design your own financial future by piggybacking on growth.

  • How much more money you want to make...
  • Have a more secure, no-money-worries, happy retirement
  • A more exciting and fulfilling lifestyle -- vacations and more time with family
  • Leaving a lasting legacy for your children and children's children...
  • Contribute to society by building hospitals, schools, and supporting charities...
  • And much much more...

I'm telling you...

This Is The Surest Road To 
Your First Million

(As Seen In Forbes and CNBC.)

This Is The Surest Road To 
Your First Million

(As Seen In Forbes, CNBC)

I'm not kidding....

Now (unlike some other self-proclaimed gurus), we're not saying you are going to become the next Warren Buffett or earn a few hundred million by the time you retire...

I hate to burst the bubble because, most likely, you won't.

But if you were to look at the list of Forbes 400 self-made billionaires, you'll realize that most of them made their fortune through investments.


  • 1.5x more likely than starting a tech firm... 
  • 3.5x more likely than owning real estate...
  • 5x more likely than running a thriving food & beverage business...
  • and 7.7x more likely than owning a sports team...

Here's what world-class publishers like Forbes and CNBC have to say about investing...

(Forbes: The #1 way of getting rich)

(CNBC: The single most effective thing)

And you can either use it to your advantage, or continue to fruitlessly search for the next magic bullet (which doesn't exist) by jumping from seminar to seminar (wasting thousands of dollars in the process).

Frankly, this is your chance to finally shut out all the noise and try something that really works...

A chance to grow and multiply your wealth with minimal risk...

Gain Direct Access To Our Proven
Step-By-Step Value-Growth System

Gain Direct Access To Our Proven Step-By-Step
Value-Growth System

Here's how this is going to work....

You see, we've created a complete online training course on Value-Growth Investing. It's packed with the 'battle-tested' investment process to bring you from a complete novice to a highly successful investor who makes real money in the stock market.

The course is called Investment Quadrant, and it is the formula that has helped us and many of our students build their net worth through investing.

The entire Investment Quadrant course is split into 9 different modules to show you step-by-step how to identify, analyze, and pick the best value-growth stocks to grow your money with.

In the members' area, you'll gain full access to our training modules where we walk you through all the steps you need to become a successful, profitable investor.

Here's what you get when you enroll as part of this exclusive Investment Quadrant community:

The Complete, Step-By-Step 
Investment Quadrant System

($997 Value)

Module 1: Investor Psychology

The Mindset of Successful Investors

To become a successful investor, you need to think like one. In this module, you’ll go through what we call a 'brain hack'. We’ll show you what goes through the minds of successful investors and how to model their thought process. In fact, this is the module that’ll instantly make you better than 90% of investors out there. Yes, it’s that powerful.

Module 2: The Investment Quadrant
The 4-Step Formula To Investing Success

This is the module where all the magic starts. You’ll discover the exact investment formula we use to make (lots of) money from investing. If you think investing only works for geniuses, wait till you’ve gone through this module. You’ll probably start improving your annual returns just by following this formula.

Module 3: The Business Model
How To Pick The Best Companies In The World

Everyone wants winning stocks that’ll give them huge returns. This module will show how to spot businesses that can grow and grow. By the end of this module, you’ll know which companies will give you the lowest risk AND highest potential returns for years and years to come.

Multi-baggers anyone?

Module 4: Management Assessment
How To Evaluate a Company's CEO and Management

Usually the best investments are the companies that have the best and most talented leadership at its helm. Just like how Apple became the tech behemoth today based on Steve Job’s legendary vision and leadership, you also need to pick companies with a CEO and management team that can lead a company (and its stock price) to greater heights. A management team that is committed to creating value for its customers, shareholders and society at large will almost always lead a business to higher growth, revenue and profits.

Module 5: Financials
How To Laser-Read Financial Statements Lightning Fast

Are you intimidated staring at all those numbers on a financial statement. Fret not! In this module, we’ll guide you every step of the way on how to 'laser-read' a company’s financial statements and pick only the numbers that matter. We’ve trimmed and filtered all the excess fat so you don’t have to waste your time poring over every extra detail. In fact, we’ve made everything so simple and straight-to-the-point that you'll pick this skill up almost seamlessly.

Module 6: Valuation
How To Accurately Value a Stock ($$$)

Want to know if a stock is undervalued or overpriced? Here, we'll show you EXACTLY how to value a stock. Once you've gone through this module, you’ll know how to accurately calculate the intrinsic value of a stock. You can’t help but make money when you know how much a company is really worth.

Module 7: Stock Screening
How To Screen For Winning Companies Only

If you think it’s going to take luck or opportunity to discover great companies to invest in, this module will come in handy. We’ll show you a simple short-cut to screen the winners from the losers. We’ll show you how to create a shortlist of great companies in 3 simple steps. Saving you tons of time and narrowing your focus on the best possible stocks to profit from.

Module 8: Entry & Exit Strategies
The Best Time To Buy/Sell a Stock

I would sum this up in three words: Profit, profit, profit. We’ll show you the best times to buy a stock and sell so that you can pocket your gains. There are many investors out there who make a paper profit but have no idea when to cash in. And when the stock price falls back down… they are back to square one. This won’t happen to you by the time you’ve gone through this module. You’ll know when to sell a stock to pocket the maximum returns from your investments.

Module 9: Strategic Portfolio Management
How To Optimize Your Stock Portfolio for Superior Performance

Once you have a portfolio of stocks, you need to know how to manage them so that each and every one of them is helping you build your wealth 24/7. We’ll also show you how smart portfolio management can optimize your stock weighting, lower your risk, and maximize your returns so you can achieve financial freedom a lot faster.

If that seems like a lot of information, it’s because IT IS.

We want to make sure you get everything and we’re leaving no stone unturned.

The 9 modules are delivered via an easy-to-use visual dashboard.

You simply point and click to go through all the lessons in a step-by-step format to complete the Investment Quadrant course. The modules and lessons comes with graphs, charts, and illustrations to help you consume the course content and grasp the concepts faster.

Some Distinctions You'll Get
In The Training Modules & Workshop

  • How To Find Companies That Are Growing At Speed But Their Profits Are 'Under-The-Radar'
  • How To Identify The Growth Trends of A Business, So That You'll Never Buy On A Decline...
  • What Business Type To Focus On For Safe And Steady Returns...
  • Where Is The Tipping Point Of A Multi-Bagger Before Its Share Price Balloons?
  • Businesses That Can 10 TIMES Your Returns -- And How To Identify Them
  • The 'Volume' Business - A Metric We Use To Identify Business Models That Have Sky-High Scaling Potential
  •  How To Properly Value & Calculate The Intrinsic Value So You'll Never Overpay For A Business
  • The Strategy To Manage A Growth Portfolio To Get Steady Growth With Minimal Risk
  • 8 Quick Shortcuts To Determine The Real 'Health' of A Company
  • The Types Of Business To Avoid At All Costs Even If They Have The Most Promising Growth Stories
  • 30-Second Stock Filter Process That Lets You Eliminate Junk Stocks & Focus Only On The Good Companies
  • Protect Your Capital - The Absolutely Must-Sell 'Stop Loss' Signal For Investors
  • The Tried & Tested Method To Building A 6-Figure Investment Portfolio -- Step-By-Step
  • Invest In The Right Management -- How To Properly Assess A Management's Ability To Grow The Business
  • Entry & Exit Strategy - The Best Time To Buy & Sell A Stock For Max Profit... (It's Not What You Think)
  • How To Check for the 'Durability' Of A Business To Ensure Long-Term, Compounding Returns
  • The 'Fuel' For Any Business To Double or Triple Their Share Price And How To Spot Them

Yes, there WILL be a lot to absorb, but it will be fun.

At the end of the day, you will be building a portfolio that you can be proud of.

Now we want to make sure you can start making money right away after the course.

And we want to make things easier so that you know exactly what is the next step to take...

That's why you'll also get:

Our 7-Figure Stock Evaluation
Flow Chart & Checklists
($297 Value)

Profitable investing is simple, but never easy.

As such, we have broken down the complicated steps and put them into simple, easy-to-follow flow chart and checklists.

This way, you'll never be overwhelmed or lost on what to do next.

Each step in the flow chart is laid out for you.

All you need to do is to follow the process and you'll know for sure, if the stock is a buy/sell.

Everything is laid out nicely for you...

It's literally a 'cheat sheet' or shortcut if you will...

PLUSYou'll also get the decision making checklist for the 4 Quadrants.

This way, you'll know know if a business is a keeper, or if its a no-go.

Exclusive Members-Only After-Course
Question & Answer Support 

($1,997 Value)

Look, we really want you to GROW as an investor.

To be able to 'fish for your own fish' and to make and grow your money over and over again...

That's really our goal.

That's why we don't just want you to join Investment Quadrant and leave you in a lurch when you finish. 

We understand that as comprehensive and complete our course may be, there will always be questions that you may have about the lessons or about investing in general. And we want to answer them for you

As part of our commitment to you and your education, you also receive ongoing after-course Q&A support from your lead coaches in Investment Quadrant.

Now we want to make clear that this isn't for us to give any stock recommendations (we aren't allowed to do that anyway) but this is a place for you to seek us out as coaches and ask us questions that will make you a better and smarter investor.

We just want you to know that we are here to support your growth and education if you choose to join us as an Investment Quadrant member.

The Investment Quadrant
LIVE Workshop

(Unlimited Re-attendance)
($1,997 Value)

Want a sneak peek at which stocks our portfolio holds?

How about us walking you through every step of the way in the stock selection process, applying everything we've covered in Investment Quadrant?

Unlike other workshops, this special workshop is all about case studies and hands-on applicability.

And yes, we will be revealing some of the stocks in our current portfolio and we'll go through why we picked them and the investment rationale behind them.

This means that you get to pick our brains, compare stocks, and learn hands-on how to pick winning investment... LIVE!

Frankly, by the time you walk out of this workshop, we promise that you'll be instantly upgraded into a sharper, smarter investor who is able to better spot opportunities as they come.

*Due to COVID-19, your workshops will currently be conducted online as live webinars. But, as a member, you are still entitled to attend any live workshops we will be conducting in the future as many times as you wish. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join
Investment Quadrant Today?

What Does It Cost To Join The Investment Quadrant Today?

Investment Quadrant is our most comprehensive training course to date.

And I can genuinely tell you that this course covers more depth than other courses out there that charge you thousands of dollars.

It's made for smart and serious people like you who really want to learn the ropes about investing without all the 'feel-good' hype, fluff or 'noisy ra-ra'.

First, in order for you to join as a member and gain permanent access to Investment Quadrant, it is a one-time investment of S$597/-. This covers all the time and resources invested to put this course together (which includes the content, video lessons, checklists, flow chart, after-course question & answer support, etc).

But we want to make this even better for you...

As such, this one-time investment is going to include any future updates and versions we make to the course content.

Yup, this means that it doesn't matter if it's Investment Quadrant 4.0 or 5.0 or even 10.0...

You Get These Upgrades For FREE

Yup, the current members are already enjoying this new 3.0 content upgrades at NO extra cost...

Once you're in the club, you are IN the club.

And here's another piece of good news...

Although we've said that the one-time fee for joining the Investment Quadrant today is $597/-, we also understand that the cost of living is creeping up, and every dollar saved is worth... every dollar.

From Now Until 19 July 2020
We Are Giving You A Straight $100 OFF
When You Join The Investment Quadrant Today

Yes, instead of the usual price, you can get access to everything Investment Quadrant has to offer at only S$497/- nett.

No tax, no other hidden charges

But Wait!
We Have More For You...

We've said that we want you to grow and succeed as an investor...

Which is why we are going to give you as much as possible to help you get there.

So apart from the $100 discount and the rights to any future upgrades...

We have included these bonus into the course:

IQ Member Bonus #1
LIVE Hands-On Webinar 

($997 Value)

The fastest way to learn, is to get your hands wet...

This fully interactive webinar lets you through exercises and hands-on practice so that you can get the concepts fast!

In addition, we'll also bring you behind the scenes of how to find profitable companies by sharing real-life case studies as well as company insights that can never be shared on paper.

Yup, you'll hear opinions, 'secrets' about various managements, companies, and industries. 

This information is only shared with our most guarded investors' circle, and you get to access them as part of your Investment Quadrant bonus package.

IQ Member Bonus #2
3 Complete, 

Step-By-Step Winning
Investment Case Studies 
($497 Value)

Want to finally see how we put together winning investments?

There's a saying that says that if you want to be successful, find someone who is already successful and model exactly what they do.

That's what these case studies are for -- the exact blueprint how we find and analyze our past winners.

More than just theory, we are going to show you exactly what goes through our mind, the research process, and the decisions that finally made us buy these winning stocks.

Yup, the case studies cover different industries and scenarios and by watching these videos, you get the full picture how to find and analyse potentially profitable stocks for yourself.

In fact, we have strung together 3 winning investment ideas for you to add to your watchlist... so that you can profit from the get-go when the opportunity arises.

To recap...

Let Me Show You Everything You Get
When You Join Investment Quadrant Today

  • The New, Updated Investment Quadrant System ($997)
  • 7-Figure Flow Chart & Checklists ($297)
  • The Ongoing Members-Only Q&A Forum ($1,997)
  • The Investment Quadrant LIVE Workshop/Webinar ($1,997)
  • Future Content Upgrades ($997)
  • 3 Winning Investment Ideas ($497)
  • A Straight $100 Discount ($100)


Get Started Today For $597.00
Just S$497

Test Out Investment Quadrant 3.0
(You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose)

We really want you to succeed and so we are putting our money where our mouth is. Here's how it works:

Our Iron-Clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We can make this kind of guarantee only when we’re 100% certain that you find the content inside the course extremely powerful and useful – and we are. You get to experience the full product yourself with our risk-free, put-everything-in-your-hands guarantee. So go ahead and order The Investment Quadrant today. You have a full 30 days (more than enough time to go through the entire training) to see if this is right for you. If you are not satisfied with what you’ve paid for, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund ALL your money. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Simply, you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

In fact, we're the ones that are pressured to hold on to our end of the bargain. How's that for fairness?

And that's just how serious we are about you getting the best out of this training course and how much we want you to succeed.

Time Is Ticking...
(And You Need To Be Really Fast)

With everything that you are going to get as an Investment Quadrant member, this is an offer that is too good to pass up -- In fact, we might never offer it again at this price in the future.

Then again, we can't stress just how time sensitive this is.

We are giving an extra $100/- discount and the 3 case studies when you join the Investment Quadrant today.

The next year we re-open... we can't promise you that the offer will be the same.

Remember, you get full lifetime access and updates for only a one-time fee...

So if you are still on the fence, let me just say that there really is no better time to join Investment Quadrant now.

And if you're thinking this is a marketing gimmick that we've come up with... you couldn't be more wrong. Because if you've seen our offers in the past, you know we really mean what we say.

If you are ready, click on the orange button below and it’ll prompt you to enter your payment details.

When the transaction is approved, it will automatically direct you to a page to register your exclusive entry into the Investment Quadrant community.

Once you'll in the community, don't forget to say 'Hi!' in the Q&A forum.

There are tons of valuable information to soak and all the members are extremely friendly and helpful.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this letter… 

And we look forward to seeing you in the members' area.

The Fifth Person

The Investment Quadrant Closes In: 


YES! I Am Ready To Join 
Investment Quadrant 3.0 Today!

P.S. If you are serious about learning about how to invest, you should join Investment Quadrant today. It contains everything you need to know about value-growth investing that's presented in an easy step-by-step manner even a beginner can pick up! With unlimited updates to the training course itself, you'd be hard=pressed to find a better deal elsewhere. So if you want to achieve stellar returns through smart, safe and successful investing, you really need to get this today.

P.P.S. Don’t put this off! Remember, you can get the course today and save $100.00 off the initial fee. Once we raise prices, you may never see this price again. So don’t wait – you snooze, you lose…

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P.P.P.S. Remember, you are fully protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee. We promise you will become a better investor after going through the course and you’ll start making smarter investment choices that’ll help you grow your wealth faster. If you don’t like what you see, you can always email us and ask for a FULL refund. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain here; all the pressure’s on us to perform! 

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