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QuestionsCategory: MiscellaneousYou Are Not Updating Your Content
Alex Tan asked 6 years ago

Hi team,
I realize that ever since Oct 2015, you have not been updating your case studies. It’s been close to half a year. I believe the members pay for this service. I also notice of your ‘Life-time’ updates, but don’t you think half a year of not updating your content is not fair for the members?
Besides, I understand that you offer Q&A and investment modules in this platform. However, your ‘Life-time’ updates seem to be too low in frequency. 
Would appreciate if your team can do something on this.

1 Answers
The Fifth Person answered 6 years ago

Hi Alex,
The lifetime updates pertain to the course material which we have updated as and when new relevant content is available to us. The last update we had was the 39 explainer videos we added to the Financials quadrant module.
The video case studies is a bonus we’ve included for members free of charge whenever we have case studies to share and is not part of the course updates. Sorry for the confusion.