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QuestionsCategory: Stock ScreeningWhich website to find worldwide index valuation
Peifeng Xu asked 6 years ago

Hi victor and rusmin
Do you all know which website can i find out worldwide index valuation of p/b and p/e ratio. 

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 6 years ago

Hi Pei Feng,
Sorry for the late reply, I totally miss out your question. My mistake. You can get the PE of index from the bloomberg mobile apps as for PB you have to get it from people who have bloomberg terminal

Jieren Zheng replied 6 years ago

Just to add on, if you add the index to the watchlist (on bloomberg), you can see the PE and PB (I do that for STI & S&P500). But historical one, I think only the bloomberg terminal.

Victor Chng replied 6 years ago

I didn;t know about it. Great sharing Jieren :)

Jieren Zheng replied 6 years ago

I got it from your suggestion in the app, then decided to check the desktop browser page and got it :)