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QuestionsCategory: Valuation QuadrantWhich Numbers should i look at for calculation of Number of Shares for Silverlake Axis ?
John asked 4 years ago

Dear Team,
Can i ask with regards to the calculation of the number of Shares for Silverlake Axis, which number should i use to enter in the financial excel worksheet?
On page 127 of the annual report, it mentions that ordinary authorised shares is at 3 million
However, there is also an added section of issuance of bonus shares during the year of 2.6 mil. Do we add both numbers to calculate the total number of shares? i.e  5.6 mil ordinary shares
Thank you.
Link for the report is below :

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 4 years ago

Hi John,
Their number of shares can be found under page 125 notes 23(ii). The number of shares should be 2,696,472,800.