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Heng asked 4 years ago

I encounter the same issues with all the IQ Checklists described below.  As such, I wasn’t able to use the Checklists.  Appreciate your quick resolution of the IQ Checklists.  Thanks.
I did not face the same problems with DM Checklists, and was thus able to use the DM Checklists for my analysis.  As I do not want to use the DM Checklists interchangeably with IQ Checklists and want to use only IQ Checklists for Value-Growth companies, would appreciate if you could please resolve these issues I face with the IQ Checklists.

  1. All the Tick Circles disappear in the saved files each time I save the Original Checklists (showing Tick Circles) as a separate Checklist for the stocks I am analyzing.  I need these Tick Circles in the saved files for my analysis.
  2. Only the Tick Squares (Economic Moats, Key Growth Drivers, Significant Risk Factors in Business Checklist and Company Types, Industry Peers Comparison, MOS % in Valuation Checklist) remain intact in the saved files.  This is correct.
  3. The ‘Other Comments’ boxes in all the Checklists remain intact.  This is also correct.


2 Answers
Rusmin Ang answered 4 years ago

Hi Helen,
The PDF checklist is still working fine on my Macbook laptop.
I guess yours could be Microsoft? If that is the case, the error could be due to constant software updates that may alter the original file. We created the checklist a few years back but the software is no longer available, so I’m afraid it will take sometime if we were to find a new software and recreate everything from scratch. 
What I’d suggest is to use annotation in your PDF. There is a highlight/text button which you can highlight yes/no or write anything you want under the text field for the comment box. That should solve the issue you’re facing. 

Rusmin Ang replied 4 years ago

You should see some pen/marker icon on your pdf menu. If not, it could be hidden under tools for Adobe Acrobat Reader. Let me know if you have problem finding them :)

Heng answered 4 years ago

Hi Rusmin,
Yes, it works.  Thanks very much for your suggestion.  Greatly appreciated !

Rusmin Ang replied 4 years ago

You’re most welcome, Helen :)