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Wendy Tan asked 9 months ago
Hi Folks, Presume after generating a list of stocks that fulfilled recommended ROE > 15% and Debt ratio of < 0.5, is there any site/app that can further generate the past 5-10 yr revenue & net profit for this list of stocks? only shows for individual stock.  Based on the examples in this module, I suppose it's based on inspection to conclude on consistent/rising revenue and profit?  kind regards wendy
1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 9 months ago
Hi Wendy,   You can filter by revenue and profit growth rate for five or ten years. By doing so, in most cases, it should pass the consistency criteria.  
Wendy Tan replied 9 months ago

Thank you Victor for your fast reply.

Can i use EPS growth rate for profit growth? I can only find sales growth and EPS growth for past 5 years in finviz. Is there other site has such filters with past 10 year result?

Are there any recommended revenue/profit growth rate or would it based on industry standards?

kind regards.

Victor Chng replied 9 months ago

Hi Wendy,

1. Yes, you can use EPS for profit growth. It is a better figure to look at.

2. So far, all those free screeners I have encountered can only screen five years of growth. Probably data providers that you need to subscribe to are able to screen 10 years’ figures. Personally, I only used Capital IQ, so I can’t comment much on other services as I am not sure.

3. You can use this benchmark, Revenue growth is 5% while net profit growth at 10%. If you think that 10% profit growth is too strict, which result in fewer screens, then you can consider 7%.

Wendy Tan replied 9 months ago

Thank you so much Victor! Happy Sunday!

Victor Chng replied 9 months ago

Welcome Wendy :)