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Chui Ong asked 5 years ago

Hi Victor, Rusmin, 
What are your opinions on the outlook of Singapore’s economy?
I mean if we compare the Dow Jow average to STI, the STI doesn’t seem to be going anyway. Warren Buffet likes to buy and hold forever, and it seems he can do that because stocks in the USA can keep going up and up over time. But stocks in SG seem to go sideways or range-bound over the years. 
So given such a situation in SG, are there any specific strategies you use to invest the SG stock market? Like focusing on a specific industry, or focusing on mid/small cap as opposed to blue chip, or more frequent trading as opposed to buy and hold?

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 5 years ago

Hi Chui Ong,
Asian market are generally operating in a different way as compared to the US. Asian market are generally more volatile. Generally, when companies hit their value we usually sell them and wait for the next opportunity to invest. It is quite hard to copy the western style and fit into the Asian market as I mentioned they are totally different. There is not particular sector we are focusing on but our attention are mostly toward small and mid cap companies.

Chui Ong replied 5 years ago

Thanks Victor.
That sort of confirmed my thoughts, what seem to be working for my small US portfolio, was not quite working for the SG stocks.