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Ka Fatt Chan asked 2 years ago

Dear Victor,
Is there a way to know/detect the sector rotation in each country?
How do we get these signals from? is there any metric to work this out?
Chan Ka Fatt

3 Answers
Victor Chng answered 2 years ago

Hi Ka Fatt,
Informations are all obtained through reading extensively to news or understanding of the country. We don;t have any signals for that.

Ka Fatt Chan answered 2 years ago

Thx Victor

Victor Chng replied 2 years ago

Welcome Ka Fatt :)

Howard Chua answered 1 year ago
This website shows the market breath of US market, perhaps it have provide some indication where does the funds move! Cheer!

Victor Chng replied 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing Howard

Ka Fatt Chan replied 1 year ago