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Ka Fatt Chan asked 11 months ago

Dear Victor,
Is there a way to know/detect the sector rotation in each country?
How do we get these signals from? is there any metric to work this out?
Chan Ka Fatt

3 Answers
Victor Chng answered 11 months ago

Hi Ka Fatt,
Informations are all obtained through reading extensively to news or understanding of the country. We don;t have any signals for that.

Ka Fatt Chan answered 11 months ago

Thx Victor

Victor Chng replied 11 months ago

Welcome Ka Fatt :)

Howard Chua answered 11 months ago
This website shows the market breath of US market, perhaps it have provide some indication where does the funds move! Cheer!

Victor Chng replied 11 months ago

Thanks for sharing Howard

Ka Fatt Chan replied 11 months ago