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Song StoneCold asked 8 years ago

Good afternoon , the course is great and i am digesting it slowly :-) . Just a suggestion , maybe u guys may consider a section on reits in your future updates as reits in a popular instrument for passive income for many investors.Cheers. 

admin replied 8 years ago

Hi Stone Cold,

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like the course so far :)

We’ll definitely take you suggestion into consideration. Is anyone here also interested in REITs?

Augustine Lim replied 8 years ago

Yes. Me too. Also please add more case studies as stated in your sales letter. So far did not see any

admin replied 8 years ago


Hi Augustine, we have various case studies and examples placed throughout the course itself.

For example, in the lesson on ‘Understand the Business Model’ – we use case studies of Hartalega and Wilmar to put our point across and help readers understand the concepts taught inside faster.

You’ll find more elsewhere in other lessons and modules too – ‘High Recurring Revenues’, ‘Avoid Disruptive Change’, etc., in the Management Quadrant, Entry Stratagies, etc.

Augustine Lim replied 8 years ago

Can I suggest a separate header on case studies especially on the companies you are currently vested or intend to invest rather then insert into the modules?

admin replied 8 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion!

We want to include our personal experiences and case studies in the modules because we believe that’s the best way for people to understand key concepts throughout the course :)

Khuen replied 8 years ago

Yes, please include a REIT section and a Case Study section/menu.

For the Case Study, I hope you can share in more detailed, such as:
– What make you select the company? use any Screening tool? And then what’s the next thing you do? go online to visit their website? or go to read their Annual Report?

– How do you find out who are their competitors? How do you find out how well their competitors doing?In your case, you might have a team to work with you, for individual investor like us, we work alone. If there are about 10 top competitors, to read and study each competitors annual report and market performance, it seems a big project for individual investor. Any advice and tips?

– Typically, how long you take in average to complete a Study before you take action?

Hao Jie Ling replied 8 years ago

Great course here. I am also interested in Reits. Will appreciate a lot if we can have the REITS section. :)

Mun Yin Cheong replied 8 years ago

i’m interested in Reits too :)

1 Answers
The Fifth Person answered 8 years ago

Hi Khuen,
A lot of the answers to your questions can be found in the course – how we select a company (we use the IQ), screening and what we do next (covered in the Stock Screening module). But yes, we’ll talk more about this during our coaching webinars as well :)
You find out how well competitors are doing the same way you analyze your original company – you use the IQ and do your due diligence. We don’t have a dedicated team of analysts and we individually analyze everything ourselves as well. Our advice is to knuckle down and do the hard yards. No short cuts here :)
It takes us around 2-3 weeks to analyze a company and as long as 2-3 months to analyze the competition as well.