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Song StoneCold asked 8 years ago

Hi , may i know what is your take on PRCT . Bought at 54 about a month ago as it is traded below NAV of 73 cents. Latest result seems ok with a yield of about 7percent. however , Mr market dont really seems to like this coy. Stock price seems to going down

Augustine Lim replied 8 years ago

Hi SongI had this stock too but sold it at a loss. Yes. the NAV is above the current price. However, unless you in for the long haul, you will not see much upside as a number of their properties are not fully completed. CRCT would be better. This is my 2 cents view only. Would like to know the views from the experts here too.

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Rusmin Ang answered 8 years ago

You’re welcome Song. Thank you for your support! 
Good luck for your investment in PCRT! 

flyingsaucerman answered 8 years ago

PRCT ex date was on 13 August. thus it went down a little after that, I don’t think you need to worry too much about that slight drop.It is normal for stocks to experience a slight dip in price after their ex-date. Only if it drops further then you would should be more worried about it. Now it is currently 0.51, the 3 cent drop would probably have been adequately covered by your dividend payout.
as for CRCT, i think it is too costly at the moment. 
note: i am a noob and this is just my opinion based on my limited knowledge

Song StoneCold replied 8 years ago

Thx guys

Rusmin Ang answered 8 years ago

Hi Song,    
Glad to see you here!     
Augustine and Flyingsaucerman both brought up a very good point – if PCRT is undervalued, short-term price volatility shouldn’t be the main concern.     
About a month ago, we had lunch with one of PCRT’s real estate investors who apparently knows Pua Seck Guan personally. He spoke highly of him, especially on Pua’s technical know-how in commercial real estate development in Singapore and China. It was also mentioned that Capitol Centre at City Hall and 111 Orchard (both owned by Perennial) will be connected to the MRT.

Song StoneCold replied 8 years ago

Thanks Rusmin ! I am a strong supporter of the fifth person

Song StoneCold answered 8 years ago

Thanks Rusmin ! I am a strong supporter of the the fifth Person ! Personally , i think PRCT is undervalued at current price. Guess i will just close eyes and ignore the price volatility for now. Cheers

flyingsaucerman replied 8 years ago

may i know why do you think it is undervalued? what criteria did you use to determine it ? it would be good to share some insights so that we can learn from u