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zooba asked 5 years ago

I referred to your case study for breadtalk and I would like to ask about the management quadrant on ownership of shares. 
In the case of 2011 breadtalk annual report, it was mentioned in your video that george quek and katherine lee owned 34% of the shares. I read the report and the actual figures should be 34%+18.6% in the substantial shareholders information. Is that correct? Do i only use the numbers from the direct interest column?

Swee Hui Yap replied 5 years ago

Also if they have direct interest and deemed interest, do i add them up together?

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 5 years ago

Hi Swee Hui,
You are right on the shareholding, it should be 34% plus 18.6% which is found in the substantial shareholders information.