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QuestionsCategory: Management QuadrantNo of directors in the company
Ang Henry asked 7 years ago

Hi how do we know how many directors in the company is sufficient and vice versa? How can we gauge that it’s not insufficient or excessive? 

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 7 years ago

Hi Henry,
I do not have any range on how many directors on the board is good for the company. I usually catch those very obvious one like Super group where they have more than 10 directors which I think is too excessive. Then again, the number of of directors does not determine whether that the company is doing good or bad. 

Ang Henry replied 7 years ago

I’m wondering what do you based on if the number of directors are excess or not?

Victor Chng replied 7 years ago

I will say that the usually number of directors on board should be around 5-6 people. Anything more than that should be excess

Ang Henry replied 7 years ago

Okay thanks