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QuestionsCategory: MiscellaneousMore Articles should be put up
Chun Yan Koay asked 8 years ago

I personally hope that more articles could be put up for us to increase our knowledge on each modules. I found there is not enough with current uploaded articles.

Kevin Wee replied 8 years ago

I am in agreement. Felt slightly let down by content in some of the modules. Also more companies analysis, case studies will be relevant and helpful.

2 Answers
The Fifth Person answered 8 years ago

Hi Chun Yan,

Yes, more articles, webinars and content will be added as we go along. That’s why we included unlimited lifetime updates for this course so that your education here is continual :)

The Fifth Person answered 8 years ago

Hi Kelvin,
We hear you. It seems case studies and company analysis is what you’re after. We do plan on adding more of that into the course :)

Augustine Lim replied 8 years ago

Hi admin. Yes. Please update your articles often. Some course update their content like only every 3 months. That is too long wait!