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Elvyn Sim asked 5 years ago

Hi Victor and Rusmin,
Thanks for the informative session last weekend. I am trying to understand the management quadrant a bit better and am looking at the Asian management of HMI ($588.SI) . Dr Gan owns only 1.29% of HMI. Am trying to find out who owns Nam See investment (a real estate developer) which holds a 35% stake in HMI but am not able to find any details on this. Would you know any way to check this or have interacted with their management before?

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 5 years ago

Hi Elvyn,
Nam See Investment is owned by Dr Gan See Khem and Dr Chin Koy Nam who have deemed interest in the company. You can find this information in page 109 of the 2017 Annual Report.