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QuestionsCategory: Investor PsychologyLive webinar to talk about marco outlook for this few quarter
wai fuquan asked 11 months ago

Hi Fifth Person Team,

l was wondering as due to this extreme volatility of US stock market and high inflation rate, is there any live webinar to discuss how is the team outlook for the short term to mid-term future of the stocks market?

Would love to hear the discussion of the FAANG + Tesla as well and some psychological mindset advise the community during this period of time.

lee jun replied 10 months ago

This one should cover the the inflation topic. Their youtube channel covers some of the FAANG companies quite recently as well!

Victor Chng replied 10 months ago

Thank you Jun

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 10 months ago

Hi Fuquan,

So sorry for the late reply cause I did not get the email notification for your question.

Yes, we are planning to do a Q&A webinar this month. So keep a look out for the email.