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Kelvin low asked 3 months ago

I am trying to do an analysis on Tesla.
Q1. And for the Share Price in 2011, there are so many days..which day of the Share Price should I be using? 
Q2. Profit attributable to Shareholder – Tesla does not seem to be profitable and only has Loss before income taxes. So do I used this for data entry for the Profit attributable to Shareholder segment?
Q3. Also Tesla has done stock split before so we used the Adj closed since 2011 to calculate the PE ratio?

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 2 months ago

Hi Kelvin,

  1. You can just take the average share price of the year.
  2. Just key in negative figure for profit attributed to shareholders.
  3. You can just use the close price as it has account for stock splits already.
  4. For Tesla, they do not have a long term profit record. You can may want to use price to sales.