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QuestionsCategory: MiscellaneousInvestment quadrant vs alpha lab vs dividend machine
Zhi Ming Cheah asked 3 years ago
  1. What is the difference between investment quadrant and alpha lab? From the description, this both seems to be very similar.
  2. I have completed the study for investment quadrant, what additional knowledge will I learn from dividend machine and alpha lab ?
1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 3 years ago

Hi, Zhi Ming,
1.Investment quadrant is the methodology for finding capital gain stocks while alpha lab is a research service that uses the investment quadrant methodology to provide such companies. 
2.Investment quadrant is the most comprehensive course we have, if you have fully understand the investment quadrant then dividend machines may be too simple for you. 
3.For Alphalab, you can learn from those companies presented.