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Duvell Boo asked 10 months ago

Hi Victor,
your course is good on learning the fundamental of investing, but there is no real life investing strategy case studies i.e. after you buy a stock, when to cut loss, hold or take profit, i believe this strategy serves as catalyst for profitable investor

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 10 months ago

Hi Duvell,
In most cases, we try to hold on to good companies that we have bought. 
Selling will only happen in this four scenario under module 8 Entry & Exit:

  1. Mistake made in analysis
  2. Major Fundamental Changes – example their business is being disrupted
  3. Buyout offer
  4. If you think that the stock is way above their valuation. – in this scenario, for good business will tend to sell some instead of majority stake. 

There are some past case studies that we have purchased and sold under the tab more > case studies. Those are our past investment in the companies. If you still want our actual buy and sell portfolio, it is on our other service called Alpha Lab.