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QuestionsCategory: Exit StrategiesIndex PE ratio
Siew Yean Lim asked 2 years ago

1. Referring to Exit strategy under Stock Highly Overvalued, where can we get S&P500, STI and Hang Seng Index PE ratio?
2. When a company offers employees stock option and stock purchase at discount, assuming employees do take up the stock purchase and exercise stock option during the year, does it dilute the shareholders equity? 

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 2 years ago

Hi Siew Yean,

  1. You can find the index PE using the bloomerg App which can be download to your mobile. Once you download the app, click on market > indices > choose the index 
  2. Yes it will dilute the shareholder through increasing number of shares. Usually it will not be a concern as the amount are same in percentage.