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Chui Ong asked 7 years ago

Hi Victor and Rusmin, 
Can you kindly share how did you all decide to research into some of the more obscure companies like Taiwan Hongchuan, Hatalega and LMA?
I mean I can understand if you look at stocks like Breadtalk and Zara because they are more common in our everyday life. But THC, Hatalega and LMA is almost like out of the world to most people. 
So can you share how did you all ever started looking at it. Was it through the stock screener or were there some other epiphanies? 
Also for these companies, you guys mention that they have large economic moat mostly by market share and by their strategies (in house system etc). How did you all unearth such information? By reading AR or speaking to management. Also did you all actually also read all the AR of their competitors? 
Thank you so much!

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 7 years ago

Hi Chui Ong,
Most of the time companies idea are generated from stock screener, news and magazine. Sometime, if i come across any company, the first thing i always ask is whether this company is listed. If Yes, I will always go take a look at them. 
You can derive large economic moat from annual report, reading news article or by comparing the business model of the company with their other listed competitor to get a better understanding of who having the advantage.
Yes, I usually read all the annual report of the competitors and the company to get a better understanding of the industry.

Chui Ong replied 7 years ago

Thanks Victor!

But by the time we see the stocks in news and magazine… wouldn’t it usually be too late already?

Victor Chng replied 6 years ago

I don;t think it is too late, based on my experience, people always miss out the news. To be honest some of my ideas that make multi returns are from the news when people don;t notice of about it or they read the news but don;t know how to profit from it.