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QuestionsCategory: MiscellaneousHow to open a trading account?
Sutha1375 asked 4 years ago

Hi all,
I just finished all the modules. How to get started with the trading account? I’m based in KL…Thanks

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 4 years ago

Hi Sutha,
In order to trade in Malaysia, you need a open a brokerage account. We have an article that talk about the different broker in Malaysia. You can read it here.

Sanjay Mishra replied 4 years ago

Hello Victor,
I am from India but currently working in Singapore. First of all thank you for your course workshop Sunday despite of you having fever. Unfortunately I have to leave in between due to personal. Anyways I will catch it up.

I have 3 questions, could you please comment on them:

1) I would like to open brokerage account in Singapore and I should be able to buy stock from Singapore, Malaysia, US, India , Thailand stock market or other stock market you suggest.
2) How do we know if we need to buy share from Singapore stock exchange or US exchange? which one is better for a specific stock?
3) I see you mentioned Singapore, China , Thailand , US stock exchange but you didn’t mentioned India stock exchange. is it something which is not good to trade or may be when you answer point 2) this part will get address.

thank you so much

Victor Chng replied 4 years ago

Hi Sanjay,

1. Most broker in Singapore can purchase stocks in Malaysia, US, Thailand and other market. You may want to read on this article that we wrote about brokerage account.

2.To know which exchange to buy the stocks, you need to first find out which exchange they are listed in. For instance, if you google the company name and share price they will usually give you a share price chart in Google. If you look at the company ticker symbol have a SGX (Singapore Exchange), this means that the company is listed in Singapore. You can see the different exchange symbol below.

SGX – Singapore
KLSE – Malaysia
BKK – Thailand

3.India stock is currently out of reached for overseas retail investor. Only the institutional investors and Indian citizen are able to invest in India market. To be honest, there is a lot of good stocks in India market, unfortunately we can;t invest in them.