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QuestionsCategory: Stock ScreeningFor the 30 Second Screening Rule, is it advisable to even consider if a company that has existed for 10 years but only get listed for 2 years?
Noel Wong asked 8 years ago
Noel Wong replied 8 years ago

Can we trust the Proforma audits?

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 8 years ago

Hi Noel,
We usually look for companies that have at least a 5-year listed track record. We only consider a company which has less than a 5-year track record when we feel its business model is extremely good. We might probably invest a little of our money to track the company. 
It is advisable not to trust proforma audits entirely.

Noel Wong replied 8 years ago

Thanks Victor,I have another question. How do you analyse Banking and Insurance sector since you guys said it has different way of analysing them?