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QuestionsCategory: Business QuadrantFixed Assets = Non-current assets
Duvell Boo asked 2 years ago

hi Victor,
when calculating Fixed Assets to Total Assets, does Fixed Assets refer to Non-Current Assets?

2 Answers
Jieren Zheng answered 2 years ago

Hi Duvell,
Fixed assets generally refers to tangible assets or property, plant and equipment, not just non-current assets.

Hope it helps.

Victor Chng replied 2 years ago

Thanks JR

Jieren Zheng replied 2 years ago


Victor Chng answered 2 years ago

Hi Duvell,
As what Jieren had mentioned, it include tangible assets like property, plant and equipment (PPE), inventory and biological assets. 

Lawrence Tan replied 1 year ago

Hi Victor,

What are the examples of biological assets? And why is inventory considered as fixed asset? Thanks.

Victor Chng replied 1 year ago

Hi Lawrence,

Biological assets are like your animal and plantation. Inventory is included because some business require the stocks to maintain their business.