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QuestionsCategory: Business QuadrantFixed Assets = Non-current assets
Duvell Boo asked 2 years ago

hi Victor,
when calculating Fixed Assets to Total Assets, does Fixed Assets refer to Non-Current Assets?

2 Answers
Jieren Zheng answered 2 years ago

Hi Duvell,
Fixed assets generally refers to tangible assets or property, plant and equipment, not just non-current assets.

Hope it helps.

Victor Chng replied 2 years ago

Thanks JR

Jieren Zheng replied 2 years ago


Victor Chng answered 2 years ago

Hi Duvell,
As what Jieren had mentioned, it include tangible assets like property, plant and equipment (PPE), inventory and biological assets. 

Lawrence Tan replied 11 months ago

Hi Victor,

What are the examples of biological assets? And why is inventory considered as fixed asset? Thanks.

Victor Chng replied 11 months ago

Hi Lawrence,

Biological assets are like your animal and plantation. Inventory is included because some business require the stocks to maintain their business.