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QuestionsCategory: Portfolio ManagementExcel Spread sheet template for recording stocks
XIANGYU YANG asked 4 years ago

Hi Victor,
I am wondering if it is ok to ask you if you have any recommendations or if possible, send some suggestions of good excel templates for recording of the stocks purchased. Am trying to craft a good template for my recording purposes. Possible to help? 

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 4 years ago

Hi Xiangyu,
In the past, we used this software called stockmarketeye to track the portfolio. You just need to pay a one time fee. After we lost the software key, we decided to do the portfolio management ourselves.
If you want to do excel template, it should include the following things below:
1.Company name
2.Number of shares
3.Average price per shares
4.Total cost
5.Percentage Allocation
6.Current Share Price
7.Current Portfolio Value
8.% Capital Gain
9.Total Gain
10. % Dividend Gain
11. Total Dividend
12. % Capital Gain + Dividend Gain