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QuestionsCategory: Financials QuadrantConsolidated statements or stand alone statement
Gloria asked 6 years ago

Hi Victor and Rusmin
When doing the excel template, should we use the consolidated statement figures of the company we are analysing, or the stand alone statement?
Thanks! :)

Jieren Zheng replied 6 years ago

Just sharing my thoughts, it would be better to look at the Financial Statements because it is better to know what is the breakdown as well as notes for any particularities within the statements (which may or may not be obvious in the consolidated one).

Victor Chng replied 6 years ago

Thank you Jieren. :)

Jieren Zheng replied 6 years ago

Welcome :)

3 Answers
Victor Chng answered 6 years ago

Hi Gloria,
When using the excel we usually use the group figure numbers under financial statements as mentioned by Jieren.

Gloria answered 6 years ago

Thanks both for the replies! 
So is it safe to say that we analyze the stand alone statements, but for the excel sheet – we input the group figures? 

Victor Chng answered 6 years ago

Hi Gloria,
What I usually do is to input the consolidated figure inside the excel. I will still read the consolidate figure in the financial statement which sometime I will refer to the footnote.