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Min Fung Wong asked 4 years ago

Hi Vincent, thank you for the workshop and I find it really helpful. However, I came across some questions when I am doing my analysis on Cityneon. 

  1. Which valuation methods would you recommend to use? I am considering to use price to book ratio as it is an asset-heavy company
  2. When I am going through their balance, I realise there is a big amount of asset which is the Amount due from customer. After some research I understand that it is the amount of revenue earned on a contract that has not been billed. Should I include this number into the intangible asset/inventories/trade receivables in the excel sheet?


1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 4 years ago

Hi Min Fung,
Sorry for the late reply as I am current oversea and just managed to connect to wifi.
I think City neon business is more of a intellectual properties business as they own the rights to run certain exhibition. I think PE may the more appropriate valuation method.