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Song StoneCold asked 9 years ago

Hi Rusmin , just watched the case study. Awesome stuff ! Thanks. Is it possible to share with us some case studies of what you invested recently ? 

3 Answers
The Fifth Person answered 9 years ago

Hi StoneCold,
Glad to know! We have more case studies in store for members. So do watch out for them :)

Eric Voon answered 9 years ago

Im thinking that is it possible for you to make the case studio video downloadable, just like KClau provide a link for his members to download all his webinar video. The problem is that the video buff so slow at my place here and i just couldnt concentrate watching it. i’ve tried letting it finished buffing and replay and d*mn, it re-bufff everything again. Until today i still didnt have the chance to watch the video nicely. With the download option, i can then download and replay it anytime anywhere i want. how good is that~
Hope you could consider.

The Fifth Person answered 9 years ago

Hi Eric,
Our videos are hosted Amazon’s S3 servers – – which are some of the fastest around. It might be faster during off-peak hours on your end :)

Eric Voon replied 9 years ago

I’ll take that answer as a “no” not downloadable…fyi, I usually watch it at late night 1am which i believe its not peak hours. i find it weird that i can watch youtube and america movies online smoothly, but only your video here just keep lagging all the time..fine, since im the only one facing this, i’ll just suck it up and find myself solution to this.

The Fifth Person replied 9 years ago

That’s pretty weird. The video loads to halfway immediately here. How far does your download stream go?

Eric Voon replied 9 years ago

Download speed at my staying place only 1200kpbs ++. Not fast i know, but that’s the only speed they can supply to me here cause im staying at company’s staff house.. However, its sufficient for me to buff videos in other website smoothly tho. Anyway, i’ve finished watching the case study video just now outside at a cafe with their wifi. That’s why im suggesting whether you can consider provide a download link for the video, so eventho no matter how donkey slow my line is, it will eventually finished downloading. I cant be always hanging outside just to watch the video right?

Song StoneCold replied 9 years ago

I think because the case studies are confidential and only for members views only. It’s not wise to provide a download link.