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Chor Loo asked 3 years ago

Hi Victor,
During the course, Major Cineplex is highlighted as an integrated leisure player. 
What’s your view of Netflix disruption to its business? Is it because of local content (Netflix not into Thai production to compete) that provides it with its current moat? Or it’s a culture thing, whereby Thais prefer to bond in open area?
Chor Loo

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 3 years ago

Hi Chor Loo,

I think the disruption for Major Cineplex will be at their advertising because the advertising space is changing already. As for Netflix, I personally don;t think it will disrupt Major as cinema is an experience business.

Ang Chor Loo replied 3 years ago

Hi Victor,

Thanks for pointing out. Advertising is one of the main Drivers for this business.

Chor Loo

Victor Chng replied 3 years ago

You are welcome :)

Ang Henry replied 3 years ago

I am wondering in what way the advertising space is being disrupted? Ie: Online ads etc?

Victor Chng replied 3 years ago

Yes, Online advertising is more target and cheaper as compared to traditional advertising