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QuestionsCategory: Investor PsychologyBreadtalk – change in directors
ashz asked 4 years ago

I have been looking at this shares for awhile. Recently, they changed directors and Oh Eng Lock is no longer on board. I can’t find much information on this, except this this was in the works for awhile. Do you have any insights into this change? Also, BreadTalk seemed to have decreased their dividends for this round – does this point to a change in dividend policy? 

1 Answers
Rusmin Ang answered 4 years ago

HI Ashz,
I think it is not a concern for the change of director for BreadTalk. Ultimately, George Quek and his wife is still with the company. BreadTalk has special dividend last year. This year, they may or may not have, depending on whether they have divestment of property. If they do, we may see another special dividend being paid out.