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QuestionsCategory: Portfolio ManagementBest course of action against corona virus?
Zhi Ming Cheah asked 3 years ago

What are your recommendations for me if i hold some position in the stock market (malaysia). All sector are on a downtrend as foreign outflow is at all time high and there is no way to tell when will this end. Sell and repurchase when cure for the virus is found(assuming foreign investor will come back investing on malaysia companies by then) or hold and do nothing? I am quite confident of the fundamentals of the company i am holding is strong but not sure whether it is the best course of action to continue hold and do nothing. 

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 3 years ago

Hi Zhi Ming,
Personally, I will do is to hold on to strong fundamental companies and rotated out from weaker companies to new opportunity. If the market continue to drop, I will deploy more in those strong fundamental companies when value arises.