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De Kai Wong asked 1 year ago

I am using the excel sheet to valuate the financials however i have some trouble extracting data from the annual report. 
For Profit attributable to Shareholder is it equal to stockholder’s equity?
For Intangible assets, besides “goodwill” do i include “Operating lease right-of-use assets”?
How do i identify the extra-ordinary items? is it the “Licensing gain”?
For total debt, is it correct to “long term debt” + “other long-term liabilities”? 

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 1 year ago

Hi De Kai,

  • Profit attributable to Shareholder = Net income 
  •  Intangible assets just use goodwill
  • Extraordinary item are gain or loss that are no related to the operating business or one-off event. In AMD case, there is no exceptional item. For licensing gain, you can count as one but the figure is insignificant. Hence you can ignore it. 
  • For debt, you are right. Just take the long term debt and other long term liabilities.