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Leong Janice asked 9 months ago

There are 2 share classes for Alphabet Inc. Class A for common stock (GOOGL) and Class C for capital Stock (GOOG). I have searched from Investopedia and have some idea of the difference between them. For a newbie in buying stock like me, which one should I consider?

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 9 months ago

Hi Janice,
The difference between both is mainly voting rights. Hence, it does not make a difference unless your purchase amount is significant. There is only a slight difference in price for the different classes, but GOOGL seems cheaper in price, but the market cap is the same. Hence, you can consider GOOGL.

Leong Janice replied 9 months ago

Hi Victor,

Noted and thanks for your reply.

Victor Chng replied 9 months ago

Welcome :)