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Thomas asked 7 years ago

i was just wondering on this subscription.. If everyone were to contribute in the research think tank..and every month there will be only 2 case studies (could be from the research think tank).. That means the research team will only research on the case studies suggest by the customers instead of fifth person’s current watchlist (there might be lesser) am I right?
just a random thought as I’m planning to sign-up ad this comes to my mind.

1 Answers
The Fifth Person answered 7 years ago

Hi Thomas,
Many of the submissions by Alpha Lab members actually overlap with our watchlist as well. Of course, if a company is on our watchlist and a number of members request the analysis for it, it makes sense for us to release a research study for it soon :)

Thomas replied 7 years ago


Thanks for your reply. So does this mean that you will only release the research on your watchlist if the submission overlaps? otherwise it depends on the Alpha members’ submissions?

My final question is.. since not all companies will be able to fulfill all 4 quadrants (especially “valuation” & “financial”), will your research includes those companies that are worth to look at even though it doesn’t pass all 4 quadrants currently but it has the potentials… i.e. Asset-play, special situations like restructuring or fallen angels..??

The Fifth Person replied 7 years ago

Hi Thomas,

Haha no, of course not. The team will decide at their own discretion the best research case studies to present each. This can be based on time sensitive opportunities or simply the most amount of learning one can gain from the research. So sometimes, the case studies can be from our watchlist, member submissions or a combination of both :)

Yes, we might include asset plays, special situations, etc as well. In fact, some of the companies in Alpha Lab now are asset plays that are currently trading below massively book value.