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QuestionsCategory: MiscellaneousAlpha lab and Dividend Machines Professional
Michael Lim asked 6 years ago

HI fifth person,
Congratulation on your recent launch of your alpha lab programs!
Your dividend machines professional has being launched for quite a while.
I was thinking whether you have thought of combining both programs into a single platform of Paid Services yearly. 

Matter replied 6 years ago

Will be interested in this as well. Also any discount code for existing subscribers of investment quadrant? Thanks

The Fifth Person replied 6 years ago

Hi Matter,

Thanks for your interest in Alpha Lab!

The price of SDG497/year for Alpha Lab is discounted right now. It will rise to USD497 after August 12 :)

2 Answers
The Fifth Person answered 6 years ago

Hi Michael,
DM Pro specifically covers dividend stocks and REITs. Alpha Lab focuses on deep value and growth stocks. They are separate services but thank you for your suggestion! :)

Michael Lim answered 6 years ago

Hi Fifth Person,
Thanks for getting back :)
I have read that the alpha lab programs covers quite a number of stock markets.
Are you able to share with us based on your potential lists, roughly how many stocks are catered to each market? I am asking because some readers might not be interested to reach out to other markets.
For me personally, i might stick to SGX market for now because i am not yet ready to venture into US or HK market.

The Fifth Person replied 6 years ago

Hi Michael,

It really depends on the ideas that come up in the future but we would say it is quite evenly spread among the different markets with perhaps a slight emphasis on the SGX. (It is our home base after all!)