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QuestionsCategory: MiscellaneousAccess to Alpha Lab
Wee Ching Gan asked 2 months ago

Hi Fifth person team,
I login to Alpha Lab website and tried to go the Forum site. But I was redirected to a web page showing “Enrollment for Alpha Lab is currently closed”. Can you please assist? I am existing subscriber to Alpha Lab and was able to access Forums page recently.

1 Answers
The Fifth Person answered 2 months ago

Hi Wee Ching,

No worries! Can you try accessing the forums again? It should be working fine.

Please let us know if you still can’t get in :)

Wee Ching Gan replied 2 months ago

Thanks for your prompt reply. I can the forums now.

Wee Ching Gan replied 2 months ago

I can access the forums now