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Yeng Kiat Lim asked 1 year ago

I am revising the IQ course, and like to seek your advices on the key man risk as one of the business risks.
Do you think such key man risk is likely happened in the Healthcare sector?  I noticed that Healthcare listed coy has fixed number of doctors constituent to significant revenue, such as the Talkmed you stated.   
What about those REIT which has been doing very well whereby the CEO influenced largely on the property acquisition, debt allocation?  For example, the CEO in Parkway Life REIT who has been doing very well in acquiring Japanese properties and debt profiling.  
Tks for your advices. 

1 Answers
Victor Chng answered 1 year ago

Hi YK,
I don;t think there will be a key man risk for Parkway life CEO. In most cases, there will usually be a person who will be study under the CEO and learn the same trick from him.