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QuestionsCategory: MiscellaneousAble to make an extra forum section?
flyingsaucerman asked 9 years ago

Hi, just joined and wondering whether it would be possible to make something like forum section, separate from ask a question. It could just simply take the format of this current Ask a question section, just another different section.
Because personally I believe one of the values in such courses is the closed door membership and community. The new forum section could be used for new member introductions, feedback, chatting about our own portfolios/watchlists, anything under the Sun and so on. All of these stuff doesn’t really seem to fit into the Ask a question section at the moment, and that particular section should be left to more technical questions related to the course, such as how to calculate the PE/PEG ratio, how to read financial reports properly, etc.
Of course, the community is still quite small at the moment so this does not really matter at the moment, but I still think that it is better when the community starts growing.

1 Answers
The Fifth Person answered 9 years ago

Hi flyingsaucerman!
Yes we agree. We’re looking into adding a forum when the community is much larger and calls for it. A forum right now would lack sufficient interactivity and the Ask-a-Question suits us better. But yes, we’ll look into adding that in the near future :)

Neo replied 9 years ago

Just to add on, once the forum is up, it would also be good if all the question and comments in Ask-a-Question be ported as it would be more appropriate. thanks.