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Ask us any questions you might have about value-growth investing and we’ll answer your queries within 48 hours (except public holidays and weekends). Please note the following:

  • Please don’t expect our coaches to do your work and analyze a stock for you. This course was designed to teach you how to fish and for you to pick up the life skill of investing for yourself. But of course, feel free to pose us questions about the research you’ve already done and we’ll be most happy to review your analysis and help you out!
  • We can’t give any stock recommendations (we’re not allowed to do so anyway), so please don’t ask us whether you should buy/sell a particular stock — we won’t be able to give you an answer. Ultimately, to become a successful investor, you must be able to make your own investment decisions for yourself.

Besides that, this really is a place for you to seek us out as coaches and ask us the questions that will help make you a better investor! So ask away! :)

QuestionsCategory: Investor Psychology
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