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By Invitation Only: 6th Investment Quadrant Meet-up!

Would You Like to Meet Us for Some Chit-Chat, Networking, and Insights into Which Investment Ideas We’re Looking At Now?

Dear Investment Quadrant member,

We would like to invite you to our sixth exclusive private get-together in Singapore on Thursday, 22 November 2018. This meet is specially organised for you and you only…

No outsiders, no email subscribers  – just you.

You see, we really want you to succeed and we are willing to give you all the necessary support and tools to help you reach your financial goals. More importantly, as part of the Investment Quadrant family, we really want to know you as a person and as a friend.

So if you can make yourself available on 22 November 2018, we hope you can join us in this invite-only event that we are organising for all Investment Quadrant members.

Who’s Going to Be at This Meet-up?

Victor Chng & Rusmin Ang

Victor & Rusmin are your lead trainers for The Investment Quadrant as well as the investment analysts behind all the research done by The Fifth Person.

They will be there to share some of their insights as well as answer any burning questions that you have about investing.

In addition to answering your questions, they will also be sharing a stock investment they have been looking at and one that holds quite a bit of a potential.

If you want to know their analysis and insight into this counter, you need to be hear what they have to share. More importantly, you can also ask and clarify any doubts you have after their presentation.

What We’ll Be Doing That Evening

To sum everything up: loads of interaction, knowledge ‘bombs’ and a potential ‘multi-bagger’ investment idea to bring home. This means that it’s an evening that’s going to be filled with plenty of sharing, investment insights and strategies.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be doing:

Insights and Investment ideas

In the Investment Quadrant, we share case studies of investments that we bought from time to time so you can learn from our analysis and experience. The thing is… by the time we share it, the stock has moved up in price.

So this time around, we decided to let you in on what we are looking at now — an investment idea that has yet to be realized.

Questions & Answers

Victor & Rusmin will be there to answer any of your burning questions that you have in your journey as an investor. These can be on your doubts, analyses, investment ideas, what they’re looking at right now, etc.

Basically anything under the sun that can help you improve your competency and results as an investor. So ask away… and you’ll get your answers.

Networking & Discussion

Apart from the amazing sharing, there will be chances where you actually get to network, make friends, and mingle with the Victor and Rusmin. As we sometime know, it is not what you know, but who you know that’s important.

So go ahead and get to know them better, there are no barriers in this exclusive get-together.

Details of this Private Meet-up

Date: 22 November 2018, Thursday

Time: 7PM-10PM

Venue: Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Hall 1-1, 11 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408601

Seats Are Limited

(200 to be Exact)

The last Investment Quadrant Meet-up was sold out. And we were asked if we could increase the number of seats for the next one. And while we would very much love for everyone to be here, this is still a private event, and we want to keep it as personal as possible and we want to ensure that everyone gets the most out of this.

Because of this and the constraints of the venue space, we cannot achieve the above without limiting the number of people in the room. I’m sure you don’t want to be left standing throughout for three hours squashed into some tiny corner of the room, so we’re limiting the number of people for this meet-up to 200 people. And once all of these seats are taken up, we will close the registration.

Due to the sensitive nature of the content being shared, this event will not be recorded. You have to be here to learn and hear from Victor & Rusmin.

So if you think this get-together is going to be super helpful, please register your seats early by clicking on the ‘Reserve My Seat‘ button below before its too late.

Each seat is a token S$15/- to cover the cost of the venue, labour, and time.

We look forward to seeing you at our private Investment Quadrant member’s meet-up!

Investment Quadrant Meet-Up - 22 Nov 2018

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