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For a newbie, you’re doing good with your analysis, Boon Chin! Your analysis is definitely not agar-ation. Besides, you brought in their businesses and interpret them according to their financials ratio! That’s critical skill to have in stock market analysis.    
For most of your 30-seconds analysis, I share similar view as yours. However, when you mentioned ‘For KepCorp, net profit wasn’t quite consistent for the past five years.’, I think what you meant is that KepCorp wasn’t growing consistently for the past five years, especially 2013 earnings were slightly affected. Overall, in my opinion, its earnings were quite stable. Perhaps, its property segment that caused them to be slightly lumpy?     
Both businesses are capital intensive and continuous re-investment of substantial amount of CAPEX is require to maintain those equipments. A quick rule of thumb, I would consider its earnings for valuation than cash flow (too volatile). So PE and Discounted Earnings Model, would be more appropriate for these two companies. As you rightly mentioned, you need to consider dividend yield to see if the company is attractive to you at current valuation. Are you happy with a 3% yield for SembCorp or 4% yield for Keppel Corp at current climate?     
It was mentioned in TheEdge Malaysia, O&G industry had taken a hit as crude oil prices dropped to US$90 from US$110 per barrel in merely few months. The declines were mainly due to concerns with oversupply market coupled with slower demand. How does this news affect these two companies who operate in O&G? And to what degree they will be affected? Well, these are tough questions for me to answer them as my competence in O&G is merely on the surface. The recent decline in price may create opportunities (you spot it!), but I have to caution you that not all drops are created equal. I would still recommend you to read and understand more about the industry if you’re still interested in them.   
Hope these clarifications help :)