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Hi Joselyn,  
I personally never use the perpetuity dividend discount model as it involves too much assumptions. In fact, the word ‘perpertuality’ never really exist in stock market. Since 1900, GE is the only company who still survives today!
I still find dividend yield is the easiest metric one can rely one. Other than capital gain, this ratio is the only ratio that captures the actual return (dividends) of your money.  
Having said that, dividend yield doesn’t capture the ‘growth’ element of a stock. For that, I believe you need to use your analytical skill to analyse the prospect of the business which is truly important if you want your dividends to be sustainable or growing in the future. Other than that, I will use Price to Book (mainly for REITs) or if the biz is really predictable, oftentimes I find Price to Cashflow from Operating activities quite useful too.