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Hi Lunny,
Yes, if the stocks in a market is relatively expensive, then it makes monetary-sense to deploy the capital elsewhere. For now, I am in for Hong Kong market since the market offers more bargain stocks. To answer your question, unfortunately, there is no easy way out except to familiarise yourself in the country. Here are some quick start guide:

  1. Read the local newspaper. This is really handy. It allows you to connect with the country’s internal affairs. I.e. South China Morning Post (online app) and Aastocks in Hong Kong and Economist or Wall Street Journal for US market. 
  2. Observe the locals’ culture. Visit that country and live like a local and talk to them. Study how the local spends their money on the daily basis. Perhaps, take a stroll along the shopping district or pay a visit to local supermarket. You can always make a preparation beforehand. Analyse the companies you’re interested and pay a visit to the business.

The rest of the company analysis is done through the IQ framework. Voila.