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Hi Thomas,
Since old town had change their financial year, when calculating CAGR for it you should just calculate based on 2013-2015. 

As for discount rate, if you are a Singaporean investing in Malaysia company I suggest you use a discount rate of 5% (4% – Risk Free Rate + 1% foreign Country Risk) but if you are investing as a Malaysian than 4% will do.
I did a rough look at the PE of both companies, generally you valuation look valid to me. This is my personal rule of thumb:

F&B Local brand with no expansion: Their Fair Value PE is 12x and Overvalued PE 15x
F&B International that are strong in the local market: Their Fair Value PE is 15x and Overvalued PE 20x
F&B Strong brand and oversea expansion: Their Fair Value PE is 20 and Overvalued PE 25x

On the side note, you may want to use Price to cash flow valuation for F&B company too. The best is to value them based on relative valuation