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Hi Kwang,
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Total Debt is Short-term Debt + Long-term Debt. (minus off the cash is optional) 
Cash flow is Net Cashflow from Operating Activities

Debt to Cash flow ratio offers us the number of years it takes for the company to fully pay off its debt using its operating cash flow. This ratio was created to mitigate the short-fall of debt to equity ratio. For instance, in 2013, Starhub’s debt to equity ratio is 8.3x. On one glance, it may seem that Starhub was overly leveraged however, Starhub’s total debt (short-term debt + long-term debt) stood at $688m and its operating cash flow was $594m. So that gives a total debt / net operating cash flow of 1.15x. In other words, Starhub is actually a financially sound company given the company can easily pay off its total debts in less than two years time.
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