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Hello Jie Ling,
Good to see more new names like you asking questions :) 
There are 34 REITs (combination of 28 REITs and 6 Stapled Trusts) in total listed in Singapore. A staple Trust is a combination of a REIT and Biz Trust. Yes, FCT and Ascott is a REIT. Thus far, I do not understand why they name themselves a Trust instead of REIT. Like for another example, CapitaMall Trust (instead of CapitaMall REIT) is a REIT too. 
I believe the easiest way to tell the difference is simply read their annual report (or website) and the company will usually tell you if they are a REIT or biz trust or combination of both, in the case of Stapled REIT.
Otherwise, you can look through the Trust structure and identify from there :)