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Hey Joselyn,  
Honestly, I’ve been breaching your question for all the stocks I’ve purchased.  
For OSIM, on the hindsight, it is clear I wouldn’t buy the stock when it was trading at closed to two dollars. Using IQ, the stock was clearly overvalued. However, knowing the one-time losses is not likely to be repeated, I may make my purchases when the share price started to hit 50 cents. Again, going back in time, I wouldn’t know the price of OSIM would eventually hit till 5 cents. If I follow the strategy that I suggested to Lunny, I probably would get an average price of 30 cents or so (without knowing where the price is going to in the short run). After riding through the storm, today, I probably would still turn out well.   
Having said the above, you can always try them out using technical charting, if it works most of the time, do share with us :)