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Hi Ben Huang,
Welcome to stock market investing! 
I do not invest in any casino business before and, honestly, have little insights to offer you about Genting Plc except my view from consumers’ perspective, I like the USS rides and planning a trip there again! Apart from Singapore, are aware that Macau’s casinos are suffering from lacklustre of tourism and corruption crackdown recently? 
By the way, which industry you are from? Maybe can start looking at stocks within that industry since you will have better edge than others. When I first started, the two industry I ventured into were F&B (Easy to understand) and Aerospace (My former career). The stocks within my competence gave me a satisfactory return and yet those that didn’t give me satisfactory return were the stocks that I ventured out too far of my competence. 
Hope you have lots of fun investing and making some serious money along the way :)