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Hi Augustine,
Please see my reply below
1) Are you aware of any reasons other that the recycle oil that might have caused the share price to drop sharply today?

The share price drop are based on sentiments of the markets. Recently, there has been many news like China devaluing the yuan causing the whole stock market plunged a little. As for the recycling oil news, Breadtalk had came out to say that it is a false accusation. 

2) If the undercover report is true, will it change the fundamentals of the co such that it will make you sell your stake in Breadtalk?

Personally I felt it will not affect the fundamental of the business that much even if it is true.

3) Was wondering whether is it a good level to buy? This is because I bought breadtalk at 74 cents and sold it at $1.32. It went up even further later to above $1.50. Now it has fallen below my selling price so tempted to buy back. This is because in my opinion, this kind of events enable us to buy a good co and a lower price as I feel even if the report is true, it will blow over over time.

I believe breadtalk value had grown throughout the years, despite all the global news their recent revenue and net profit increase by 10%. It still boil down to your valuation on breadtalk and buy it below it value. Hint: it is better to value breadtalk based on P/CFO