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Hi Flyingsaucerman,
I like the way you phrase the question and you make me sound as if I’m a professional career consultant now! Lol
Actually, if you’ve attended any of our events before, we did shared with our participants about our background. But since you ask here, I will just give you a quick intro about myself – I studied Aerospace electronic and after I graduated, I went to work at ST Electronic (under ST Engineering) after forgo-ing my scholarship with another listed entity, SIA Engineering. During my corporate life, I discovered my real passion, not engineering, is in the financial industry because I would constantly attend classes and read books, or anything has to do with stock investment. So along the way, I made a few career switches (hopefully can find an engineering work that suits me) but my attempt was a complete failure. Then I hang on to my corporate jobs for nearly four years. Yes, four years of dragging myself to work primarily because of the money!  
And guess what? My ordeal ended after I encountered a near-death experience on the eve of Chinese New Year. To cut the long story short, I was nearly killed in a motor-cycle accident. Thankfully, it was actually a blessing in disguise to awaken me. So I decided to stop wasting of my time and, knowing that life can be really fragile, I choose to do something that I love doing instead. On the hindsight, I guess it was also the moment I started to believe our thought are the creator of our reality – The ‘Law of Attraction’ (at first, I thought the show was a crap!) and, surprisingly, my ex-company offered me a business analyst role to co-managed the fund. Today, I’m here doing something that I enjoy doing – read, read and read :)